Friday, 8 June 2012

Attempting chain mail

I like trying different things.  So I've recently decided to try my hand at chain mail.   At first I found it quite tricky and I nearly gave up, because it was completely different to anything I'd done before.  But I perservered, and with practice, seemed to get better and better, until I was confident to try an make a bracelet and earring set.   This is what emerged - a gold plated Byzantine bracelet with champagne crystals.  And now that I know wat I'm doing, I can make these in any colour!

This is the finished bracelet:

This is the finished pair of earrings:

And finally a close-up of the bracelet so that you can see the detail:

I'm really pleased with the resul of my efforts, and will certainly be attempting more chain mail designs - watch this space!  :-)

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