Monday, 25 June 2012

If hummus could talk ...

... it would say, "Doh!" 

According to my 21-month-old daughter Charlotte that is.

I always find it fascinating what children pick up on when they listen to adults.  My husband has a T-Shirt with Homer from the Simpsons illustrated on the front of it.  He has taught Charlotte that Homer says "Doh!" in much the same way as a cow says, "Moo," or a sheep says "Baa."   It's part of her standard "animal noises" repertoire.

A few days ago we were having lunch, breadsticks and sliced vegetables with side dips, one of which was hummus.  Every now and again, Charlotte would say, "Doh!" apparently randomly, and I wondered what was causing it (and she's not normally random in her behaviour).   After a while it dawned on me and I asked her, "What does hummus say?" which got the same response.   It wasn't random at all - she was saying, "Doh!" every time I mentioned the hummus!   Presumably in her mind, Homer and hummus sound very similar.

We also used to think she said, "tick tock" quite randomly, and then we worked out she did it every time she saw a picture of a mouse.  If you ask her what a mouse says, she tells you it says, "tick tock."   I can only imagine that it's a direct result of too much Hickory Dickory Dock.

I hope these associations don't last too long.  While I'm finding it very cute at the moment, going to pre-school thinking that a mouse says, "tick tock," is probably not such a great idea.   

At least she's enjoying her breadsticks.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Chain Mail experiments

In a previous post I revealed how I was starting to experiment with making Chain Mail jewellery.   Well, I have made some more designs and am pleased with the progress so I thought I would share it.

These earrings are silver plated chain mail, fringed with silver-lined red seed beads, and I have given this pair as a prize in the Imagenation competition.

This pair of silver-plated earrings is based on a Mobius Spiral and I have finished them with a black Swarovski briolette.

And finally a pair of gold earrings which I have called "Orbital Rings" because it reminded me a little bit of Saturn's rings.  They are finished with black onyx.

There are definitely more designs to come - watch this blog!

As always, any design can be made in any colour - visit for more information.

Since there is an open invitation to share this blog with Cherished Handmade Treasures, I'm going to join the fun and see what other people are up to....

Saturday, 9 June 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Aggi from Imagenation Studios.  She is much more than a photographer, as she helps to give women sustained confidence through her profession.

She asked me if I'd be interested in contributing a prize for an amazing competition she was hosting.  Of course I said yes, and in doing so have contributed to three gift bags which will be prizes in this competition.   Other prizes include yoga classes, make-up, skincare cosmetics, personal training sessions, sewing lessons and not forgetting a makeover and photoshoot!  Each gift bag is worth over £1000 and is definitely a prize worth having.

So I have designed the following pairs of earrings, specifically with this competition in mind.   Each winner will get one of these!

The first is a pair of gold-plated earrings with black bicones.  I've called them "Libra" because they remind me of the sign of the Zodiac associated with the scales.

The second is a pair of silver plated celtic style earrings with teal faux pearls.  The four-leaf clover is intended to be a sign of luck, and I chose the colour purely because I thought it was pretty.

The third is a pair of silver plated chained earrings fringed with silver-lined red seed beads.  I think the look a little bit like little caterpillars. 

We have the prizes, all we need now are the competition entrants.  So if you fancy winning this fabulous prize, the entry for is here  :-)

And if you'd like to check out more unusual jewellery designs, visit the Inner Fyre website  :-)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Attempting chain mail

I like trying different things.  So I've recently decided to try my hand at chain mail.   At first I found it quite tricky and I nearly gave up, because it was completely different to anything I'd done before.  But I perservered, and with practice, seemed to get better and better, until I was confident to try an make a bracelet and earring set.   This is what emerged - a gold plated Byzantine bracelet with champagne crystals.  And now that I know wat I'm doing, I can make these in any colour!

This is the finished bracelet:

This is the finished pair of earrings:

And finally a close-up of the bracelet so that you can see the detail:

I'm really pleased with the resul of my efforts, and will certainly be attempting more chain mail designs - watch this space!  :-)

For more design ideas, visit the main Inner Fyre website.