Thursday, 1 December 2011

NCT Raffle Prizes

It's been over a year since I gave birth to my baby girl, and the time has gone so quickly.  The pregnancy itself was abnormally difficult, and there were long periods where I was bedridden and unable to move without help.  But of course, as every parent knows, it was worth it.

The National Childbirth Trust provided me with a lot of support during that difficult time, and I was pleased to be able to give something back to them recently.  I created these two sets of earrings for a charity event they held in Basingstoke, and the earrings ended up being raffle prizes.   I think everyone had a good time!  I then offered identical earrings at a discount on my facebook page, and was surprised at just how quickly both pairs disappeared!

If you like these, you can find them for sale on the Inner Fyre website's charity page.

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